Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Paper Cuts - Nirvana

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Paper Cuts
Year: 1989
Album: Bleach

People tend to forget how heavy Nirvana were. They seem to only remember Nirvana as a kooky band that played funeral songs acoustically on MTV. Or they remember a song named after a deodorant marketed to teen girls.

Nirvana had many more sides to them than just those two things. They started out before there was a movement such as grunge. They based the songs off of punk, metal and classic rock. These are the beginnings of the grunge movement. It just so happens that most of the bands were concentrated in the Seattle area.

"Paper Cuts" shows Nirvana's heavier side. Kurt's wail almost makes me believe that he is still alive. It's so real and raw. The music comes some the other side of Sabbath's heaviest riffs. It's muddied and dirty, but they might have out-Sabbathed Black Sabbath on this song. Pain and torture and grit comes out in the vocals.

Bleach is a heavy record, but it does have it's softer side. "Paper Cuts" is not the softer side of Nirvana. For anyone who wants to get to know the real band, start with this album. Start with this track. Next, go to Incesticide and then In Utero. Top it off with Nevermind. You will see the evolution of Nirvana. The only reason I switched In Utero and Nevermind was to have the most accessible album as the last thing the listener should hear.

When my feeding time
She push food through the door
And I crawl towards the cracks of light
Sometimes I can’t find my way
Newspapers spread around
Soaking all that they can
A cleaning is due again
A good hosing down

The lady whom I feel maternal love for
Cannot look me in the eyes
But I see hers and they are blue
And they cock and twitch and masturbate

I said so
I said so
I said so

Black windows are paint
I scratch with my nails
I see others just like me
Why do they not try escape?
They bring out the older ones
They point in my way
They come with a flash of light
And take my family away

And very later I have learned to
Accept some friends of ridicule
My whole existence was for your amusement
And that is why I’m here with you

To take
Me with
You’re eyes


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