Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stephanie Knows Who - Love

Artist: Love
Song: Stephanie Knows Who
Year: 1967
Album: De Capo

Anyone who was anyone in the sixties knew about Arthur Lee's band, Love. The Doors wanted to be Love. They are on record as saying they would be happy if they could make an album that sounded half as good as a Love record. The Rolling Stones drew inspiration for the song, "She's A Rainbow" from another one of Love's songs.

Today, the band is largely forgotten. I never hear radio play Love. I never hear anyone talk about Love. That's a shame. Love is a once in a lifetime type of band. They inspired so many to do so much. We all owe a large debt of gratitude to this band. Without them, many of the songs and artists that we know and love would not exist.

De Capo would be a transition record of sorts. Love was starting to evolve past the sound of their first album, but had not quite advanced to the state of their third album. Although this album, and most of its songs, are critically acclaimed, the album can become a bit uneven.

The first half of the album recalls Love's first album. The second half prepares the listener for the broader spectrum of the upcoming third album, which is said to be Love's best. I cannot figure out a reason for a band like Love to ride so high in the late sixties, only to be relatively unknown in the present day. Most good bands are rediscovered later on. Let's hope this happens with Love.

What's in your life, dear Stephanie
What's in your life for me
Aches and pains they cloud your sight
But tired you did you said you did

What can I say, dear Stephanie
Who shall I next inform
Of love and poetry that you bring
Your eyes, your hair, your everything

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Come on, come on, come on, come on
What am I now, dear Stephanie
Am I you in disguise
The words they come so naturally
I save them all for Stephanie, yeah

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Come on, come on, come on, come on

Hey, all right
Talk to me all the time
From A to Z and in between
Say it sweet all the time
All the time, yeah ...

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