Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Stars - Tommy Dee

Artist: Tommy Dee
Song: Three Stars
Year: 1959
Album: Three Stars single

Tommy Dee (a.k.a. Tommy Donaldson) was a DJ in California, just starting out, when news of the plane crash reached the masses. Within weeks, a Tommy wrote a tribute song which was recorded by Eddie Cochran. Another version was recorded by Tommy himself, along with Carol Kay and the Teen-Aires.

Eddie's version was not released until many years after his own death. He was very close friend with Ritchie Valens and was very distraught while recording his version. Tommy's song was released as a tribute in April 1959. His version of the song became the definitive version marking this tragedy.

People who were born after the crash associate Don McLean's "American Pie" with the plane crash of Ritchie Valens, Buddy Holly, J.P. Richardson and pilot Roger Peterson. Those who were alive and aware at the time of the crash will tell you that this is the definitive tribute song.

Would the song be as popular if the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens weren't on the plane? That almost happened. J.P. Richardson asked for Waylon Jennings seat, since he had developed a flu on tour. Ritchie Valens won his seat in a coin toss before departing for the airport. Guitar player Tommy Allsup lost to Valens. Buddy Holly was the only one assured of the terrible fate, as he chartered the plane.

Look up in the sky
Up toward the north
There are three little stars
Brightly shining forth
They're shining so bright from heaven above
Gee we're gonna miss you,
Everybody sends their love

On the left stand Ritchie Valens
A young boy just seventeen
Just beginning to realize
And explore his teenage dreams
Why did God call him oh so far away
Maybe to help some boy or girl
Who might have gone astray
With his star shining in the dark
On a lonely night to light the path
And show the way, the way that's right
Gee we're gonna miss you,
Everybody sends their love

On the right stands Buddy Holly
With a shy grin upon his face
Funny how you always seem to notice
That one little curl out of place
Not many people really knew Buddy
Or understood how he felt
But just a song from his lips
Would make the coldest hearts melt
Buddy's singing for God now, His chorus in the sky
Buddy holly we'll always remember you
With tears in our eyes
Gee we're gonna miss you,
Everybody sends their love

In the middle stands a stout man
The big Bopper is his name
Now God has called him
Perhaps to new fortune and fame
He wore a big Stetson hat
And sort of rambled up to the mike
How can we ever forget those wonderful words
"You know, well I might"

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