Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Day That Never Comes - Metallica

Artist: Metallica
Song: The Day That Never Comes
Year: 2008
Album: Death Magnetic

Metallica comes back with their boldest statement in years, but it's ultimately too late. There are great songs to be discovered on this album, but most of it is run of the mill Metallica. The focus seems to be on recapturing their older sound, which it does to a degree, but it never quite captures the same magic.

"The Day That Never Comes" is a decent song. It will be in my playlist from now on. It just lacks something that puts it over the top. The song starts off slow and ballad-like, like the Metallica of late. Then it degrades into an older style of Metallica. Thrashing guitars and poppy drums, which sound a little too tinny. The old growl of James Hetfield slowly creeps in toward then end, but it never fully emerges.

The beginning of the song is nothing special, but the last half of the song redeems it, in my eyes. My first taste of Metallica was the Ride The Lightning album. Despite what many think, Metallica has always gravitated towards the slow, melodic songs. The Kill 'Em All album would be the only album that doesn't really have a slower song.

The video for "The Day That Never Comes" is supposed to be a serious statement about the horrors of war. The video turns unintentionally funny in parts. A soldier drags a wounded soldier around like Linus drags around his blue blanket. The unharmed soldier also props up the wounded soldier against a military vehicle, only to see him slowly slump towards the ground and drool, when his attention is focused in another direction.

This song is not their best, but it certainly beats a lot of what's out there already.

Born to push you around
Better just stay down
You pull away
He hits the flesh
You hit the ground

Mouth so full of lies
Tend to black your eyes
Just keep them closed
Keep praying
Just keep waiting

Waiting for the one
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the son shine never comes, no

No, the son shine never comes

Push you cross that line
Just stay down this time
Hide in yourself,
Crawl in yourself,
You’ll have your time

God I’ll make them pay
Take it back one day
I’ll end this day
I’ll splatter color on this gray

Waiting for the one,
The day that never comes
When you stand up and feel the warmth
But the son shine never comes

Love is a four-letter word
And never spoken here

Love is a four-letter word
Here in this prison

I suffer this no longer,
I’ll put an end to this I swear
This I swear

The son will shine
This I swear
This I swear

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Zepp said...

Im Waiting for the one album that doesn't disappoint me like the last one!!