Thursday, October 30, 2008

Night Moves - Bob Seger

Artist: Bob Seger
Song: Night Moves
Year: 1976
Album: Night Moves

Ah, classic rock. It invites us into the lives of the average teenager. Scared, lonely and confused. Particularly about the opposite sex. This song is about a first time, a first love and generally all "first" things in the area of romance as a teenager.

Bob Seger has stated that this was based on his own experiences growing up. I tend to believe that. There is something genuine about the lyrics of "Night Moves" that lends a certain credence to the song. It paints a lovely picture of teenage angst and confusion in the sixties.

The tale is told with such grace, that you tend to forget that the song is about kids fooling around. Apparently, Bob Seger came out of a showing of the film American Graffiti inspired to write about his own teenage life. Thank you George Lucas for inspiring something other than a million Star Wars rip-offs.

Bob has a unique way of telling a story. He pulls you in with small details. They may seem meaningless at first, but when put together, it presents a rich tapestry of information, painting a Bob Seger classic.

I was a little too tall could have used a few pounds
tight pants points hardly renown
she was a black-haired beauty with big dark eyes
points of her own settin way up high
way up firm and high

out past the cornfields where the woods got heavy
out in the backseat of my sixty chevy
workin on mysteries without any clues
workin on our night moves
tryin to make some frontpage drive-in news
workin on the night moves

in the summertime
mmm in the sweet summertime

we weren't in love, oh no far from it
we weren't searchin for some pie-in-the-sky summit
we were just young and restless and bored
livin by the sword
and we'd steal away every chance we could
to the backroom, to the alley, or the trusty woods
I used her, she used me, but neither one cared
we were gettin our share
workin on our night moves
tryin to lose the awkward teenage blues
workin on our night moves

mmm and it was summertime
mmm sweet summertime summertime

felt the lightning yeah
and we waited on on the thunder
waited on the thunder

I woke last night to the sound of thunder
how far off i sat and wondered
started humming a song from nineteen sixty two
aint it funny how the night moves
when just dont seem to have as much to lose
strange how the night moves
with autumn closing in

night moves
night moves
I remember
oh sure remember the night moves
aint it funny how you remember
aint it funny how you remember
I remember I remember I remember I remember
oooohh ohh ohh
and we were workin
workin and practicin
workin and practicin all of the night moves
night moves
ooooh I remember
yeah yeah I remember
lord I remember lord I remember

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