Thursday, April 16, 2009

Air Dance - Black Sabbath

Artist: Black Sabbath
Song: Air Dance
Year: 1978
Album: Never Say Die!

This was the last original studio album with Black Sabbath's classic lineup on it. Sabbath chooses this album to really explore the sounds. They start to veer away from the really heavy metal sound. They end up sounding like Santana.

This is not bad though. The tracks on this album are outstanding, but none of them would be as well received as their previous work. The band is breaking apart and the album is the one that benefits.

Some songs were re-written to fit Ozzy's tastes, after he left the band for a short time. Ozzy refused to sing any of the songs written for his replacement, so the band had to tinker until they were only reminiscent of the previous versions.

She sits in silence, in her midnight world
Her faded pictures, of her dancing girls
Her, distant dreamer, on the seas of time
Her happy memories, dancing through her mind

In days of romance
She was the queen of dance
She'd dance the night away

And as the seasons turn the days to years
She holds her pictures, hears the silent cheers
The days grow lonely for the dancing queen
And now she dances only in her dreams

In days of romance
She was the queen of dance
She'd dance the night away, away, away, away

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