Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tequila Sunrise - Eagles

Artist: Eagles
Song: Tequila Sunrise
Year: 1973
Album: Desperado

After seeing The Big Lebowski, I can never listen to the Eagles the same way again. After hearing the loathe and angst against the Eagles, I can start to see what they mean. The Eagles are a band that is pretentious and snooty, while pretending to be laid back and country.

Even with all that, they still make some damn fine music. Damn fine! "Tequila Sunrise" is an overlooked gem that doesn't get much recognition. The title track and anything on Hotel California usually gets more notice.

If you go through the Eagles back catalog, you'll find gems like this song and "James Dean". I was never a huge fan of the Eagles, but I do enjoy the odd song every once in awhile. This happens to be one of them.

It's another tequila sunrise
Starin' slowly 'cross the sky, said goodbye
He was just a hired hand
Workin' on the dreams he planned to try
The days go by
Ev'ry night when the sun goes down
Just another lonely boy in town
And she's out runnin' 'round

She wasn't just another woman
And I couldn't keep from comin' on
It's been so long
Oh, and it's a hollow feelin' when
It comes down to dealin' friends
It never ends

Take another shot of courage
Wonder why the right words never come
You just get numb
It's another tequila sunrise,this old world
still looks the same,
Another frame, mm...

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