Sunday, November 30, 2008

September Morn' - Neil Diamond

Artist: Neil Diamond
Song: September Morn'
Year: 1980
Album: September Morn'

It seems that when I was a kid, Neil Diamond was everywhere. I saw him on television. I heard him on the radio. I read about him in magazines and the newspaper. He was everywhere. Looking back on that time, it makes perfect sense. Neil Diamond was a hit machine in the late seventies and early eighties. That period has to be his most successful time.

I'm not dismissing other periods in his career. Neil has been able to squeeze out a hit in every decade since he became a solo artist. The time around the September Morn' album was his best. He had just come off of a duet with Barbara Streisand and was about to star in the remake of the Jazz Singer.

While the movie was less than perfect, the songs were fantastic. Neil would even follow that movie with a hit song that he wrote about E.T. If that was not his best period ever, I don't know what would be. This song was the bridge between his successful seventies career and his hot streak in the early eighties.

"September Morn'" is a love song, on the surface. I can feel the pain and anguish in the lyrics and the lovelorn tone of Neil's voice. Was this a practice album to ease the jarring compositions of the Jazz Singer soundtrack? Maybe. 1980 was about pleasing the masses and I think this was the start of that. It's an enduring song that still tugs at you.

Stay for just a while
Stay, and let me look at you
It's been so long, I hardly knew you
Standing in the door
Stay with me a while
I only wanna talk to you
We've traveled halfway 'round the world
To find ourselves again

September morn
We danced until the night became a brand new day
Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play
September morning still can make me feel that way

Look at what you've done
Why, you've become a grown-up girl
I still can hear you crying
In a corner of your room
And look how far we've come
So far from where we used to be
But not so far that we've forgotten
How it was before

September morn
Do you remember how we danced that night away
Two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play
September morning still can make me feel that way

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