Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Murder Car - PIG

Artist: PIG
Song: The Murder Car
Year: 1998
Album: No One Gets Out Of Her Alive (Japan EP)

This is the first instrumental on this blog. PIG is a side project of Raymond Watts of KMFDM fame. While KMFDM is a little more mainstream, PIG ventures into darker territory.

"The Murder Car" is a beautiful instrumental. Its music keeps swelling until you think it can't go any higher. The music sweeps and glides all over the place. It brings a feeling of calmness and heightened awareness. You get the feeling of something wonderful and something wrong happening at the same time. This is really a piece of music that begs for a listen.

This song engulfs you and immerses your entire being in sound. It paints vivid imagery while it bathes you in tones of dread and glee. Simply, it's a song that will take you places if you let it.

I used to play this when I would DJ at a LARP club. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's Live Action Role Play. Basically, a big improv theater-like evening. This one was set in a night club, hence my role as the DJ. Then everyone else would play out a storyline about vampires.

I never really got into all that, but I loved playing music. I learned a lot about what works well together musically. This would be part of the intro music that I would play.

None. (Instrumental)

Couldn't find a YouTube video for this one.

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