Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Life Is Full Of Songs

Ever since I can remember, there has been music in my life. I'm sure I even responded to music in the womb. Music has shaped the events of my life. It recreates certain moods of when I first heard a particular song. It presents me with memories, good and bad. It weaves the fabric of my existence.

Since I jumped on the iPod bandwagon a few years ago, I have added song after song to the mp3 player. As of this writing, there are over 4,000 different songs on my iPod. A few are different versions of the same song, either an alternate performance or a live version or a different artist rendering their interpretation. Besides those criteria, there are no repeating songs.

I hope to share with you, and myself, a little bit about the music in my life. One song at a time.

When I am able to, I will share lyrics and possibly a youtube performance of the song. I will try to think of why a song is important enough to be included in my playlist.

Just a warning. My tastes run very eclectic. Some songs may have naughty words in the lyrics or perhaps the title. I will not censor any of these words, but I will not celebrate them either.

Like I tell anyone who is stuck in a vehicle with me, if you don't like a song, chances are you'll like one of the next few. Thanks for joining me during the soundtrack of my life.

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